Scholar Program

The national two-year Scholar Program, led by Jeanne Mandelblatt, will identify and enroll Scholars starting at the bridges to the doctorate/pre-doctoral level to early-stage and senior scientists (the latter looking to shift career focus) at our hubs and liaison sites. Scholars will participate from their home institution and be supported by all of the Core resources and an I-REACH-home institution mentoring team. Stakeholders will participate in idea labs to provide stakeholder perspectives early in the research and facilitate connection with groups for recruitment and ensure that mentors experienced in recruitment are available to Scholars. Stakeholders will collaborate on setting pilot RFA priorities, participate in review, and work with grantees to present results to the community. Potential Scholars will submit a CV and a 1-2 page statement highlighting career goals, how I-REACH could support goals, gaps in home institution expertise or support, and a letter from a home institution mentor. Core leads will assist applicants in identifying home mentors if needed. Selection will be through a competitive review by MPIs and the Early Stage Investigator Committee. We will adapt NIH Career Award criteria to rank applicants (e.g., commitment to academic careers in our areas and how the program will provide resources not otherwise available). Scholars will commit to participating over two years to minimize burden; integration with the home institution programs will facilitate this goal.

Please fill out the Career Development Inquiry Form with any questions or concerns about the Scholar Program.

Dr. Jeanne Mandelblatt

Cancer and Aging, Geriatrics, Survivorship, Policy, Cancer Disparities. Dr. Mandelblatt’s research focuses on heterogeneity in life course aging and the effects of cancer and its treatments on clinically important survivorship outcomes, including functional, cognitive, and physical aging and development of frailty.