Pilot Program

The Pilot Program, led by Judith Carroll, Joanne Dorgan, and Alice Ryan, will award funds for and support completion of stakeholder-informed studies using data from the Data Core or primary data collection to address gaps and add knowledge in our multi-level framework. Together these resources are intended to lead to Scholar career and K/R-grants to promote independence for URM and other scientists and sustain I-REACH.

Dr. Judith Carroll

Dr. Carroll’s work focuses on examining multi-level determinants of aging, integrating knowledge about biological aging processes and health behaviors, and understanding the bidirectional relationship of these factors and diseases like cancer on physical and cognitive outcomes.

Dr. Joanne Dorgan

Dr. Dorgan’s research focuses on hormonal determinants of cancer, particularly breast cancer, and how diet, physical activity and genetics influence risk through hormonal pathways. 

Dr. Alice Ryan

Dr. Ryan studies of the role of deconditioning, obesity, inflammation and muscle atrophy in aging and disability conditions (cancer, obesity, stroke, HIV), the mechanisms underlying the functional, clinical, and metabolic abnormalities, and translating these findings into intervention trials.